(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Thought)

When I am upset, it is because my subconscious, subjective mind fragments misinterpret reality and are intruding upon Radical Right Perception, thus creating rifts and whirlpools of brain activity leading to massive hallucinations and projections out onto the world. The emotionally charged distortions are part of the reactive process gone haywire in the flow of my astral, spinal currents, spiraling down into misery of my own making. The goal of awakening Holy Spirit Mother Kundalini is for it to rise and flow upward toward the crown chakra, showering me with golden, violet-white light.

This statement is deliberately detailed so as to cut right to the problem and source or emotional impulse that is connected to the fluctuations in emotional mind activity. Use this idea with any people, objects, or unfolding events that you “believe” has made you experience psychological pain. It is important to identify the target of your projected reaction impulse. Please utilize specific terms that best describe the form of “upset” you “feel”. Some good examples are fear, worry, depression, panic, rage, animosity, jealousy, etc. By using the same perception correction to each of the various forms of upset feelings individually, you are taking the first big step in the realization process that each of the rising tides of emotion all come from the same basic distortion. Do the following:

“When I am phobic about _____________, it is because my subconscious…..”
“When I am anxious about ____________, it is because my subconscious…..”

In addition to the above, take time to scan your subconscious and conscious minds for all perceived ‘sources’ of emotional turbulence and the egoic justification/validation distortion impulse no matter how much “voltage” is connected to those uprisings.

Remember, all upsets have a common origin in the avoidance of or denial of a perceived pain causing stimuli received by the blind sense-mind (manas). The emotional reactive process upsets the yogis constant quest for poise and calmness, even amidst the “storms of mayaic delusion”.

Practice three to four times during the day. Remember, be concise.



(Inspired by, but not limited to A Course In Miracles and Eastern Forms of Thought)


‘I have projected all subjective-relative (mayic filtered) perceived meaning onto everything that my eyes and visual cortex sees in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place, etc.) The physical world in itself doesn’t mean anything, certainly not what my personal ego (ahamkar), nor sense impression recorder mind (manas), has told me it does. Vibrations of thought projection that came from my subjective, separative mind distort the fact that everything is neutral and has no meaning just because it is in an apparent materialized and manifested state. Through my neutral, infinite, superconscious (intuitive) and discerning (buddhi) mind, I retract my thought projections and their impressions from the objects around me that come from the blind sense mind (manas) and individualized ego (ahamkar), the most dense and darkening-tamasic aspect of matter-bound, fractured perception.

This is my second conscious step in allowing things to be as they are, thought and energy that has materialized due to my quantum interaction with that of which I observe. Finally, I begin the distortion correction process through detachment from all assigned meaning to things in the world I see. ’

Do the same with this idea as you did with the first idea: Repeat the lesson, then apply
it specifically to those things near you; whatever your eyes rest on. Then move your
gaze outward. Turn your head to either side, and, if possible, turn around and apply the
idea to what is behind you. Be sure to randomly choose to what you will apply the idea,
do not concentrate on anything in particular, and do not attempt to include everything in
an area. Otherwise you will feel strain.

Simply glance easily and quickly around you, and try to avoid selecting things by size,
brightness, color, material, or any specialized significance to you.

NOTE: The physical world is neutral. When we detach from our feelings, projections, impressions, and labels we place upon it through mayaic-delusory relativity, this neutral world seems to be real, when in fact it is the play of shadow and light appearing as what is called prakriti, or individualized multiplicity of forms, that dance in a macabre of subjectivity. These lessons are fundamental principles that allow us to begin dismantling the ego’s samskaric-habit tendencies to find meaning where there is none.