DAY 50
Divine Love, God’s Infinite, Unending, Undying, Everlasting Life and Love, is my spiritual umbilical cord, reaching from the One True Paradise Within, the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven. This gold and silver cord carries my life force energy that supplies me with all the strength I need to give, extend, and return Love to my Source and all of manifest creation. My aura and astral energy body are empowered by the Infinite causal mind and body of thought and ideation, and from the astral mind and body comes the life essence that sustains my temporary body vehicle and its sense-mind interpreters of materialized form, trying to make sense out of an existence of multiplicity made by subjectivity and mayaic-delusion.

Though I have put my trust in what Jeshua (Jesus) calls “insane and trivial symbols” for protection and the maintenance of health and well being such as the prana of this world which is money, or in magic potions such as pharmacological pills, clothing that is supposed to protect me from the earth elements, having individual significance, the need to be accepted and adored, looking for pain relief in substances and sense pleasures, and in surrounding myself with certain people who I think will make me feel important, God Presence is my only sustenance.


The things on this list, which could go on endlessly, are what I use to replace Love Divine. I use these distractions to identify with the dense, physical body and with “special” love based on conditions I make. They try to glorify the ego-ahamkar false-self image. These substitutes will not sustain me, nor help me remember the Paradise Oneness, I in truth never left.


Avidya-illusions do not deserve my faith. Only the unchangeable, Infinite Love of Divinity should receive my full attention and desire. I will stop ruminating on illusions and false remedies that bring empty promises to pain, suffering, sadness, fear, and guilt. Only the individual mind can be sick. And it is my mind identified with Infinity that releases me from the idolatry of believing in gods of sickness, mental agony, and all forms of lack.


I am eternally safe in the Love of God Presence. No danger exists and I am not subject to any threats to my true peace and bliss. I need but choose my Source for strength and health and lasting calmness.


I will commit to two ten minute sittings today, where my prayers and dharana-concentration are centered on the affirmation for today. I will recite it, focus on it, let any thoughts that challenge my belief in today’s affirmation to enter my thought stream, and then allow the recognition of truth to dawn upon my mind that is linked to God Mind. I will not be robbed of peace and the awareness of mental rest. Restlessness is a sure sign of madness and investment in avidya-illusions that will not bring me wholeness, wellness, nor mindfulness.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)



DAY 39


My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of Yoga-Union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother are my freedom, and my final moksha-kaivalya-liberation in this lifetime and beyond into Eternity where I rest, unbroken. Loved. Far beyond crippling fear and guilt.


Love illumines and empowers while guilt calibrates at an extremely low calibration of consciousness, a negative magnetism, a hellish vibration and tamasic-darkening inertia. It weighs me down when I am in its grip. The opposite of guilt is the Bliss of Heaven.


I am a savior, one who liberates people from the grip of karmic bondage and from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Since I am whole, sanctified, at one with God Mind, being in communion with that very Father-Mother Awareness, I am free and capable of freeing others.


My freedom, my liberation is vital to the world’s freedom and liberation. My wholeness, sanctity, at-one-ment with Divinity in its Allness, my communion and union with my Source frees me from the dark dungeon of guilt, raises me up out of the tomb and restores me to the God Womb where the eternal Christ in me is born Eternally. Becoming free from this prison of self-inflicted torment, is the termination of the hell I made from trying to hide from the Divine. I created this world to escape the wrath of God I feared I would be the victim of and I wrestle with guilt because of it.


My wholeness is what conquers every tribulation and struggle. Ultimately suffering of any kind is guilt induced at the root source. That primal guilt can be overcome. As can all trance-induced scripts of my subconscious programming ingrained by the ego-ahamkar. I need but acknowledge my sanctity and Eternal State of Oneness with God Divine. Triumphing over guilt is having victory over the hell of our own making. My wholeness liberates the world and me simultaneously. I cannot be deprived of anything that comes from wholeness. Divine Mind, Father-Mother does not know of my brokenness. He/She sees only One Singularity, One Whole Relationship.


Five minute contemplations are recommended for today, centering my prayer on today’s mantra. I will also frequently take time out of the day to recite the mantra with repetition. I will close the door to my inner room and scan my mind for thoughts that lack love, in any form they seem to take, whether inner turmoil, despair, depression, anger, ruminations of fear, thoughts of worry, or inclinations to attack, thoughts of inferiority, etc. However they manifest, they are fear-induced. It is from primal fear that I must be liberated in order to experience Bliss Eternal.


Today, I will bless all events and personalities I associate with fear-based thinking. In order to attain a liberated state of mind, I must see these events and personalities from a different perspective. I commit to slowly scan my mind for all thoughts that keep me from feeling truly free of pain, guilt, and suffering. I will apply today’s idea in a like manner:


“My fearful thoughts about ________ have caused me to descend into hell. My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of Yoga-Union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother are my freedom, and my final moksha-kaivalya-liberation in this lifetime and beyond into Eternity where I rest, unbroken.”


Dharana concentration is a must. And I will strive to concentrate. I will end my contemplations repeating the original mantra and then add:


“If guilt and fear, stemming from separation are hell, what stands opposite to it?”
I will recite today’s mantra in shorter periods of time as well, multiple times an hour, asking this very question. If I am tempted to think in limiting terms, I will also say:


“My wholeness is the liberating power from guilt and fear. It terminates it. It dissolves it. I remain unbroken. Whole. One. Sanctified. Perfectly created. I can liberate my life and shift my thinking to a Love-Based perspective.”


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)


DAY 30


Divinity Mind is in all things I see because Divinity Mind is in my mind. Though I seem to have experiences generated from a split, separate, ego mind, the Cosmic Vibratory Memory of God, the Holy Spirit Creative Aum Vibration was placed in my mind the moment the separation from Divinity Allness seemed to occur (though in reality it did not), giving me the Illumination, Inspiration, Realization, and Revelation that I am still in at-one-ment with my Source. Therefore, I have a light to guide my seeing. To bring me Radical Right Perception or Clairvoyant-Clear Seeing.


Today, I can and will focus upon what is Real, the Truth that brings Bliss Unending and Santosha-Contentment. I will look upon a world forgiven and upon every person I see, meet, and greet, with the Eyes of Christ. Of True Self. The Atman. At one with Infinite Brahman Spirit, God Mind, that illuminates my mind. This Divine Source, is something my individual egoic-ahamkar mind tends to ignore and so I see the dance of shadows play out before my body’s eyes. This is only a veil. But it is glorious to know that I do get glimpses of the light that shines behind this curtain as there are holes in it and it is transparent in places. The light that comes through are the flashes of insight or satori that I get directly from the Mind of Divinity that goes by many names.

Today, I experience a shift in my awareness. A Divine Realization put there by the Memory of God in my mind. I am the One Creation of the Divine Father-Mother. The Christ. There is only Christ. True Self. The Atman. And I am that. As are all the people and life forms I seem to see on the stage of the world, the miniature model and set built by the collective ego scriptwriter. Though my set design seems to overshadow and hide the Original, Ever-Existing, All-Encompassing Divine design of True Paradise Creation, found in the potential of Energy, Thought, and Light outside the space-time continuum, I can remove this blinder set that I have built as a fence, by opening myself to Divine Realization and Self-Realization in Christ. I am Christ. In Paradise forever, with Paradise Everywhere. The dramas, tragedies, comedies, human romances, and horror shows that seem to play out on the stage my ego-ahamkar calls life, are really temporary delusions. And I can begin to see that they are only delusions by seeing through Spiritual Sight. Through the eyes of the Astral and Causal Bodies beyond the dense physical body eyes that I have used as a replacement for seeing only Oneness.

I never left the Mind of God and God never left my Mind. As mentioned above, the Memory of God was put in my mind to bring about a Remembrance of the One Truth that is True Always. I am One in God and therefore, seeing through Christ Vision, True Sight, I see that God Mind is everywhere in everything I look upon, because once again, behind the forms, are the energy potential and life essence that is Pure Beingness.
I will apply today’s idea often, ignoring concepts of ‘near’ and ‘far’ for these are avidya-illusions in the grand illusion, and see through the One Lens of the Christed Third Eye, the Presence of the Witnessing Observer. I will notice and gaze upon the One Light, that surrounds all form. I let the One God experienced in many ways, to Reveal Him and Her Self in all things, but not as all things, for my God Transcends all things that appear to be outside of me. I let Paradise Return. Oneness come. Bliss come.


As I concentrate through dharana and meditate through dyana, I will see the One Singularity Everywhere. Divinity is in everything I see, because Divinity is in my mind. Now and always, in all ways. Aum. Shanti. Peace. Amen.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)