Turning Points & Transformations – Choose Peace


Choose Peace

During this season of light, remember to “Choose Peace” in your life, the peace of Divine Presence. The Divinity of All There Is to illuminate your path and bring you contentment and joy. Join Bryan for this new episode today, an updated episode from a 2015 broadcast on Christ Realization Radio. This episode is brought to you by Temple Christ Realization, Project New Humanity Communications, and Miracles New Humanity, and promotes a course Bryan took from the ministry he is studying to become a part of, Pathways of Light. Their ACIM Practitioner Course 903, inspired this talk. He highly recommends that course to others. Check out Bryan’s music and information about his books and previous CD Release of audio book “Light Transmissions”, a compilation of meditations, affirmations, and self-initiations known as dikshas set to music. The book “Light Transmissions” is meant to be heard for maximum effectiveness. It is doing well in the digital and streaming market and hopes to uplift as many souls as possible. To listen to, try, then buy “Light Transmissions” visit bryanrice.org.



Choose Peace


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