As a student of both modern and classical Gnosticism, I have to comment on Tau Malachi’s book Living Gnosis. What I am drawn to are the words he uses to describe conscious unification with God or the divinity within. He doesn’t go so far to say we can achieve Godhood, for if he did, I would challenge that. That would be Luciferian Gnosis, according to Archbishop Christian Thomas Umberger. In the third chapter of Living Gnosis, Malachi accurately describes a condition of polarity which we tend to take upon ourselves. He is right. We, as he says, “identify ourselves almost exclusively with surface consciousness, finite reason, and the limited name and form of mortal being”. One would have to be totally detached from reality, or be in complete ego-illusion, rather to admit that we are not succeptable to ‘surface consciousness’. Though I do not believe everything Tau Malachi teaches about Sophian Gnosticism in particular, again he is right on when he says we “exist on many other levels” also citing that “there are many other dimensions to our consciousness and being, from the physical, vital-emotional and mental levels to spiritual and supernal aspects of consciousness and being into an authentic individual, representing alignment and harmony of our true being. To recognize with God naturally and spontaneously”. Gnostic Christians call this state Messianic or Christ Consciousness and Tau Malachi refered to it also as “the Gnosis of Yeshua Messiah”.

Malachi, then says something brilliant. “Whatever might transpire in our incarnation in the material plane and physical world, the unique essence and truth of our soul of light remains unchanged. It is, was, and forever shall be the same, completely pure and pristine, radiant and glorious, ever at-one with the light of the infinite and divine being. At anytime, we can remember ourselves and the light that is in us and experience a conscious unification with God and Godhead. It is the present truth of our inmost being – our Christ self”.”

Unity with God. That is sought after by every mystic and it is the call of every human, longing to return to its source. Notice he said “conscious unification with God and Godhead”, not “becoming God”.


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