Project New Humanity is a Haven and a grass-roots movement for those whose “church” or “living temple and altar of devotion” are WITHIN. It is a threshold, gathering place without walls, committed to the remembrance of our innate Divinity and Oneness with the Supreme Absolute God-Mind. This site is brought to you by Project New Humanity Communications. We aim to provide programming, uplifting material, study groups, and posts to help you birth “The New Humanity”, and to help promote the shift and growth of Unitive, Non-dual Awareness in our world.


We are amazing creations, divine manifestations, capable of immense greatness. By reconnecting to both the core of who we are (the Presence of Pure Beingness and Radiant Love) and to the circuitry of the new emerging consciousness of Oneness, the seeds of integrity, wholeness, charity, good will, peace, justice, non-violence, tolerance, a shared and common purpose, transformation, and transcendence are born through each conscious breath we take. We are at a vital stage in our evolution. To allow the “shift” from separative, fearful, and egoic consciousness to the very Oneness from which we came to fully manifest and incarnate, we must adopt a cross-cultural, trans-national, collective responsibility for preserving what is in the highest and best interest of the planet and cosmos. By re-qualifying, re-generating, re-imagining, re-examining, and re-inventing our social roles, as well as shedding the shell of worn out self-definitions that divide, we will see the need to bless and uplift the one human family, by simply changing the way we perceive reality. By adjusting our thoughts, rising above limitations created by mental structures and entanglements, and through a willingness to see our brothers and sisters in Spirit as our saviors and mirrors for our development, we too will become Messiahs for this world in need of Liberation.

Together, as the One Shared Identity, the United Son/Daughter of God, known as the Christ, we can restore hope and healing in the world and in other realms as well. It is time to create social change by healing misperceptions, to release guilt and fear as a collective whole (not just as individuals), to seek reconciliation in our relationships all by extending forgiveness and unconditional Love to a world much in need of compassion and understanding. By accepting your part in this “Project”, you act as the “Light of the World”. Let your holiness shine forth and begin to see your path to Liberation, God-Realization, and Transcendence through performing “miracles” of forgiveness. When you release your pain, guilt, suffering, and past hurts, you walk a path that is a “better way” of living. Ascend Godward and Realize your ultimate potential through the practice of forgiveness.

“Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.”

– (From A Course in Miracles Workbook, Lesson 332)



Though this site is still in its infancy, so it seems, the idea behind Project New Humanity is inspiring to say the least. It makes me want to go out into the world as a new creation and make a difference. I am excited to see what the future holds for this movement!

– S.C. New Hampshire

Upfliting Material

Really inspired by the fusion of thought systems that make up this growing website. I am doing the daily lessons for Christ Mind Jnana Yoga. The language is very visual-oriented and at times abstract, but it presents a more unified set of ideas that take my study of A Course in Miracles and interest in Eastern Spirituality to a new level. Thank you for this site!

D.H. – Florida

What will the future hold?

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